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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Services in Houston, San Antonio, and Pearland.

At Alliance, we use both open and closed, high-field MRIs and MRAs. Scan times usually take less than half an hour, and patients can listen to music as well as have a family member or friend in the MRI suite during the exam to help enhance patient comfort.

All MRI exams and reports are readily available to referring physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRI Services

What is a MRI?

A MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a medical imaging technique that is utilized to form pictures of the body’s internal anatomy. It is a safe method used that employs a magnet and radio waves, and does not require additional x-rays or invasive procedures.

How does a MRI machine work?

An MRI scanner operates by creating a precise magnetic field. After that, radio waves are utilized within this magnetic field to cause the hydrogen protons that exist in the body to vibrate, which then emit frequencies. A special antenna, commonly referred to as a coil, collects these vibrations and sends them to a computer. The computer then converts these frequency readings into an understandable language.

How safe are MRIs?

MRIs are safe and not invasive. These scans do not employ any harmful x-rays but instead use harmless magnetic fields and radio frequencies.
Due to these magnetic fields, though, patients will be required to remove all wearable metals before receiving a MRI. It is also because of this reason that patients with any metal implant devices, such as a pacemaker, may not be the best candidate for MRI exams. MRI machines can also be loud, and ear protection is provided for those receiving a scan.

What are the benefits of a MRI scan?

MRI scans are an ideal method when it comes to visualizing spacial data as well as producing physical and chemical data. A MRI can produce hyper-detailed images of the body that are otherwise impossible through other procedures. A MRI can also help to provide early detection of several conditions so that any potential treatments or procedures that are necessary can be more effective.

What should you expect during a MRI scan?

Because of the nature of the magnetic field, you will need to remove any metal jewelry and clothing and lock all belongings in a cabinet. If you have a pace-maker or implanted metals in your body, please let your scheduler know to determine if you are a candidate for this diagnostic test.
You will be encouraged to lie on a table that will move inside of the magnet. You will hear sounds as the machine creates your images. Each scan normally takes between 30 and 45 minutes
In the event contrast material is needed for further detection and diagnosis, an I.V. will be placed in your arm or hand. This may cause you to experience a very brief, mildly warm, flushed sensation and metallic taste in your mouth.
After your exam, the images will be electronically sent to a radiologist that will interpret them and produce a report for your doctor. Within 48 hours, your doctor will have access to both a portal to view your images and a fax to receive your report.
Referring Physician
Alliance MRI is streamlining connections with physicians to reduce opportunity for error and encourage timely service. Our experienced staff offer authorization and scheduling benefits that speed the insurance process and answer any questions that may arise.
If you have individualized needs, please call your local facility and someone will help you immediately.
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Find an Alliance MRI Location for an Affordable MRI in Houston

Please contact Alliance MRI for more information on our MRI services and other services listed below in Houston or to find a location closest to you

  • Arthrogram capabilities
  • X-rays
  • CT scanning
  • Ultrasound
  • iStat Equipment to conveniently check blood levels before administering contrast dye.

*Please note that not all equipment is available at all centers; please check your preferred location for details on services

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