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I-STAT Equipment

I-Stat is a blood analysis system that allows for healthcare professionals to obtain the information that they need to quickly make treatment decisions, which can lead to an improved quality of care as well as improve efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About i-Stat

How does i-Stat work?

i-Stat operates very simply. First, a couple drops of blood and placed onto a cartridge. That cartridge is then closed and inserted into a handheld version of the i-Stat. The results are displayed on a screen within a matter of minutes. Finally, the information can then be easily uploaded.

Is i-Stat equipment safe?

i-Stat equipment is indeed safe. The equipment helps to advance overall patient safety by lowering the risk of patient testing errors and other unwanted events due to patient ID discrepancies.

What are the benefits of i-Stat?

i-Stat can be utilized to get test data in an especially short amount of time. Results can be produced within just 2 short minutes with a small sample volume. In addition, other primary features and benefits include whole blood analysis, an integrated barcode scanner, cartridge types that can accommodate every requirement as well as data exchange using LIS/HIS.

What can you expect with i-Stat?

With i-Stat, you can expect an incredibly fast testing time, as well as one that is very accurate.

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