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Our team of highly skilled technicians provide CT scans for the Houston, Texas community and the surrounding areas. We aim to make this an easy and comfortable process through our excellent customer service and close communication. Schedule your CT scan today!

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CT scan with or without Contrast

In some cases, your CT scan may require deeper observation in which case a special chemical (contrast) will be used. This is injected before the imaging begins just to give your doctor a more detailed image of the area. If this is the case, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything several hours prior to scan.

CT Angiography Scan

This type of CT scan focuses on exanimating the blood vessels in the body. In general, your doctor will order this type of imaging to identify weekend sections of arteries or veins. Furthermore, your doctor will be able to detect fatty or calcium deposits in the coronary arteries.

CT Abdomen Scan

Physicians will order an abdomen CT scan to help diagnose issues in the liver, spleen, colon, pancreas, and other internal organs.

CT scan of the Brain

Typically, CT scans of the brain are ordered by your doctor to examine more closely any injuries, tumors, severe headaches, or cause of strokes. In the event your exam needs contrast, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for a few hours beforehand.

Pelvic CT scan

Physicians will order this type of imaging for further examination of the area between the hip bones. Through this sector of imaging, doctors can diagnose issues with male and female reproductive systems. In addition, observation can give insight on bladder problems, tumors, and stones.

What is a CT (Computed Tomography) Scan?

A CT scan, or computed tomography, includes a series of x-rays. These x-rays produce images that are then processed by the scanner’s computer to create what are commonly called cross-sectional images of the body’s internal anatomy. A CT scan can produce an extremely detailed image of internal organs and other body parts. It has the capability to create images of bone and soft tissue as well. This enables doctors to properly diagnose a wide range of medical conditions since the images from the scan are so clear.

How does a CT Scan work?

While a scan is being performed, an x-ray tube moves in a circular motion around the body. This allows multiple views that are more detailed of the body. The information from that X-ray is then sent to a computer that translates the data and projects it on a monitor.

What are CT scans mostly used for?

Generally, CT scans can be performed in any section of the body and head. However, this type of imaging is more commonly used for the brain to determine cause of stroke or injuries. Below are a few of the most common circumstances a CT scan is performed.

  • Locate exact site of tumors
  • Give surgeons clear image of the body before performing procedures
  • Identify irregularities within the body such as tumors, abscesses, abnormal blood vessels etc.
  • Early detection and monitoring of diseases such as heart disease, lung nodules, liver masses or cancer
  • Pinpoint internal injuries or bleeding
  • Identify muscle or bone disorders, this can be related to tumors or fractures

What to expect?

  1. Before the scan, you will have to fill out a screening form that helps identify any red flags that can interfere with the imaging procedure or cause a health risk.
  2. This could be being pregnant, metal within your body, pacemaker, etc.
  3. Day of scan, you will be prompted to remove any jewelry or piercings before entering the machine
  4. Remove clothing and use gown given
  5. In the event your doctors asked for further detection, an I.V will be placed in your arm or hand

Where can I get my CT scan?

Alliance MRI has locations all over the Houston area giving you many covenant options. If you are interested in setting up your CT scan or have further questions about the process our team can happily assist. Curious which location is closer to your area? Browse through our locations page to get in touch with the closest location in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions About CT Scan Services

How safe are CT scans?

While undergoing a CT scan, the body is very briefly exposed to radiation, so the risks associated with CT scans are comparable to those of conventional X-rays.

What are the benefits of a CT scan?

  • CT scans can diagnose route cause of discomfort 
  • This procedure is non-invasive and accurate 
  • In emergency circumstances, this procedure can deliver quick results to the examination of internal injuries 
  • CT scans are able to view bone, soft tissue and blood vessels all at the same time 

What can a CT scan detect?

  • Bone or joint problems 
  • Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, emphysema 
  • Locate cause of internal injuries and bleeding  
  • Tumor detection 

How long does a CT scan take?

In general, CT scans can take up to an hour. This includes time for preparation and the actual process. After the exam, you can usually resume your normal activities unless you have been told not to do so.  

Referring Physician

Alliance MRI is streamlining connections with physicians to reduce opportunity for error and encourage timely service. Our experienced staff offer authorization and scheduling benefits that speed the insurance process and answer any questions that may arise.

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Find an Alliance MRI Location for an Affordable CT Scan in Houston

Please contact Alliance MRI for more information on our CT scan services and other services listed below in Houston or to find a location closest to you.

  • Arthrogram capabilitie
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • iStat Equipment to conveniently check blood levels before administering contrast dye.

*Please note that not all equipment is available at all centers; please check your preferred location for details on services.

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