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Alliance MRI

We are a team of diagnostic imaging specialists and our goal is to revolutionize imaging and healthcare to make it more affordable as well as more focused on the patient. We have nine convenient diagnostic imaging centers with, with five in the Greater Houston area as well as our newest location in San Antonio. We focus on providing integrity-driven services through our state-of-the-art machines and specialists.

For more information about our diagnostic imaging services, please contact Alliance MRI.

Alliance MRI offers the comforts of a professional, yet relaxed, atmosphere while delivering state-of-the-art radiology with quality patient care. We know that your health and well-being comes first and we want you to feel safe and respected. Leading software technology and superior equipment will produce accurate and reliable images for your doctors that will guide them in your medical care. Our radiologists are dedicated to both you and your doctor and consistently provide detailed reports tailored to fit your unique needs.

It is our express goal to ensure a comfortable visit that will benefit your health.

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