Recovery Tips after an Arthrogram

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If you have an arthrogram coming up, you may be wondering what the recovery process will be after the exam. Our experienced team at Alliance MRI has compiled a list of tips to guide you through your arthrogram journey, from pre-exam expectations to post-exam best practices.

Why Is An Arthrogram Performed?

An arthrogram is a diagnostic imaging exam that provides a clear image of soft tissue in a joint, like the hip, shoulder, or knee. Arthrograms are designed to give a more accurate diagnosis on joint injuries, with a focus on discovering the root symptoms of the injury.

Other reasons for needing an arthrogram exam include looking for tears in ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and joint capsules, checking for damage after a dislocation, and identifying any lose bodies. It is normal to be nervous before an exam, but the technicians at Alliance MRI are there to guide you through the full arthrogram process, including recovery.

What To Expect After The Exam

After the arthrogram, your healthcare provider will give you specific instructions for aftercare. Typical recommendations include resting the joint and plenty of ice. Mild swelling in the area is normal, and the joint may even make a clicking sound for a couple of days. This is normal and will subside with time.

Notify your doctor if swelling increases after a day or two, or if there is any fever, redness, bleeding, or increased pain around the injection site.

Recovery Tips After an Arthrogram

  1. Limit movement of the joint
  2. Use recommended and prescribed pain medication
  3. Apply ice to the swollen area

What To Do For Pain After An Arthrogram

For soreness after an arthrogram, take a pain reliever recommended by your healthcare provider. Certain pain medicines like aspirin can increase bleeding, so be sure to take only what your doctor has recommended.

Alliance MRI Cares

Ultimately, the best way to recover from an arthrogram is to rest and ice the joint. If you need an arthrogram, Alliance MRI accepts most major insurances and has experienced technicians ready to perform the exam. Reach out today to schedule an appointment or talk to a staff member about your options.