The Role of Diagnostic Imaging Centers During COVID-19

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What is the Role of an Imaging Center?

A medical imaging center is a facility staffed by board-certified, association-trained imaging specialists who have experience in symptomatic and preventative medication. A medical imaging center offers the comforts of a relaxed, professional atmosphere while delivering state-of-the-art imaging and quality patient care.

At Alliance MRI, our team of diagnostic imaging specialists continuously works toward revolutionizing imaging and healthcare, while taking an effort to make our services more affordable and focused on our patients.

Alliance MRI is following the recommendations set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) to evaluate the needs of our patients, staff, community, and healthcare providers. Learn more about the steps for diagnostic imaging during COVID-19

Do not Use Imaging to Test for COVID-19

Health care providers have attempted to utilize imaging tests to diagnose COVID-19. However, specialists and medical experts advise against the use of an imaging test to examine patients for COVID-19. While patients with COVID-19 can show abnormalities in the results of either a chest x-ray or CT scan, numerous other lung issues can look the same as well.

Why Chest CT Scans and X-Rays Are Not Recommended for Diagnosing COVID-19

The American College of Radiology (or ACR), which represents almost 40,000 radiologists in the United States, has given guidance that CT scans and x-rays should not be utilized as a first-line instrument to examine or screen for COVID-19. There are three significant reasons behind ACR’s recommendation:

1. Chest CT Scan or X-Rays Cannot Identify COVID-19 from Other Infections

Imaging test results are not explicit enough to confirm COVID-19. They can only point to signs of an infection. Those signs could be due to other causes, including seasonal flu which is still very common at this time of year.

2. Infected COVID-19 Patients have Normal Chest CT Scans or X-rays

For those patients, a typical imaging result could falsely persuade them that they are healthy. Because they believe they are healthy, they are in more danger of spreading the infection to other people.

Alliance MRI Is Taking Appropriate Steps for Your Health

Overall, imaging centers play a big role in the management of patients who needs diagnostic imaging services. COVID-19 has made this a challenging time to get clear information, but know that Alliance MRI is prioritizing safety and is available for any questions you might have. Thank you for your continued cooperation with the health and safety of our community. As conditions continue to change, we will keep you informed.

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